20140517_170807_1Kareem Walker, better known by his stage name “Reem Cassanova”, is an American born hiphop recording artist. Raised in the Bronx, NY by a single mother along with his two siblings, Reem’s older brother introduced him to rap music. His brother would bring home the hottest mixtapes for him to listen to. Lacking a grasp of where his true interests lied, a young and sheltered Reem looked to the streets to fulfill his dreams of opulence.At the age of 15, Reem quickly abandoned his street dreams and fell in love with music. He would go to Crotona Park daily to witness local rap cyphers and dreamed of one day being an MC on the big stage. After the watching the cyphers, Reem would then go home and begin writing verses.

Baguette, a childhood friend who shared the same interest of music as Reem, collaborated and the two decided to form a rap duo. Soon after, Reem’s cousin Tank introduced the boys to a guy named Al who owned a home studio in East NY.  Al allowed the two to use his studio to hone their craft. The duo spent countless hours in the studio working on music. Due to the realization that they were on to something, Al, Reem, and Baguette decided to begin working on a mixtape called “Road to Riches”.

As time went on, Reem realized he and Baguette were not on the same page and the two amicably parted ways. Reem would by no means let this end his rap dream. He became a solo artist and created a mixtape called “The Best of Reem”.

Shortly after, Al introduced Reem to an upcoming Queens, N.Y DJ, Superstar Jay. This meeting resulted in Reem being on multiple Superstar Jay mixtapes, as well as other DJ mixtapes such as Cut Master C, DJ Kool Kid, and DJ Big Mike.

Walker released six solo mixtapes and sold all over the Tri-state area. He began participating in showcases, appearing on several dvd’s, and being featured in magazine articles. He now had a fan-base. In spite of his accomplishments, Reem still felt unfulfilled having not reached the level of success he had been working toward.

In the spirit of being successful, Al and Reem decided to bring new people into their circle. Al introduced him to Moe Dennis. Moe worked with him on the details of being an artist, which required him to rewrite, repeat, and redo songs. He taught him the importance of impression and proper presentation. Moe’s desire for Reem’s perfection soon put a strain on their relationship.

Later, Al lost his passion for music and liquidated his studio equipment. Once again, Reem found himself parting ways with yet another entrusted partner. Reem then went through a short period where he lost interest in pursuing a music career. After having time to soul search, Reem realized that to abandon his passion would be to abandon himself.

Now ready to face the challenge of striving for absolute perfection, Moe and Reem reconnected, deciding to make another attempt at music. Reem considers himself to be a new and improved artist. The nightmare of losing music has pushed Reem in the direction of wanting to win more than ever. Walker knew that losing music would mean living his nightmare wide-awake.